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Verzio D500 HD

We have reviewed a number of Verzio gadgets, and it's nice to say that so far, they really didn't disappoint us that much. Now, it's time for the Verzio D500 HD video camera to be dissected in our gadget lab. Let's see if it lives up to the "cheap yet reliable" rep that Verzio has established.


One might mistake the D500 HD as a toy at first glance because it's really small. It's also quite light and handy, and you'll have no problems holding it for an extended period. Its glossy, grayish-blue exterior adds an interesting twist to its simple look.

However, the D500 HD feels a bit rickety and unstable at times, which may discourage people who crave for rugged, outdoor filming. Still, its portability means you can bring it along with you when you go on a trip.

Interface and display

The D500 HD's interface matches its looks in terms of simplicity, with its main controls laid out in a way that you won't have a hard time figuring out which is which. The in-display functions are also straightforward, making navigation and playback a breeze.

The D500 HD touts a basic 3-inch LCD sporting a 960x240 resolution, not the best but decent enough. Just don't expect that it's a touch screen.

Imaging and video

Don't expect much from the D500 HD in terms of imaging capabilities, as it only offers the very basic in shooting options. Still resolution tops out at 8 megapixels, hardly extraordinary but expected because imaging isn't really its main priority. The Macro mode offers decent close-up shots, and the LED light and Night mode offers some help in low-light conditions. Self-timer, white balance, and 2x digital zoom rounds up the short list of imaging features.

As its name states, the D500 HD is capable of shooting HD videos, and we're glad to say that it didn't disappoint. Video resolution comes in 3 flavors, namely CIF, D1, and HD at 1280x720p at 30fps.

Shooting videos is a breeze (thanks to its user-friendly controls) and also snappy with almost no noticeable lag in switching between modes. The D500 HD also performs quite well in shooting outdoor videos, with objects coming out with sharp colors. 

This is not to say that the D500 HD doesn't have flaws in the video-recording department. It can only manage a paltry 2x digital zoom, and its LED light hardly helps in low-light situations even if you pair it with Night mode. Noise is also quite visible in the videos, and the built-in speakers' quality is only decent at best.

Memory and battery life

Needless to say, given its minimal and basic features, the D500 HD performs quite well in the battery department. We were able to squeeze over 2.5 hours of recording time out of one full charge, quite impressive especially when coupled with its portability. The built-in flash memory is a different story, however, as it can only record a maximum of 15 seconds. Yeah, 15 seconds at HD settings, so buying an SD or SDHC card for more storage is a must.


The D500 HD is far from your impressive, top-of-the-line gadgets that geeks the world over crave for. And this is understandable, given its price tag of only P7,990. However, this doesn't mean that it falls far short in doing what it's intended to do.

So if you're just looking for a basic HD video camera you can bring to, let's say, barkada trips to the beach and are not too concerned with specs or features, the Verzio D500 HD might actually be a good buy.

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