XM-I X-mini II

Posted on: 04/21 by Elijah Mendoza

It's the newer and bigger version of the X-mini (aka Burgerbass) that claims to be (aurally) meatier and more filling. The verdict? Find out as we take a bite.

Some kinks addressed

The X-mini II has learned well from the shortcomings of its predecessor. While volume wasn't of the improvements, there were kinks with the wiring and input jacks that have been addressed innovatively.

Case in point, the built-in 3.5mm jack. The wire and the jack head fit snugly in the molding when not in use. The cord is just the right length for connecting to an MP3 player or to a laptop, thus eliminating the need to whip out the flimsy USB/3.5mm charging cord.

The speaker driver is bigger than the old X-mini's, but it doesn't make much of a difference. The X-mini II is better at tolerating high volumes (less of that "basag" sound) and pumping out bass, but there's no improvement when it comes to clarity.

Love it or hate it

The color scheme of the X-Mini II is reminiscent of the old Apple iPod U2 special edition, a strange choice considering it doesn't match most MP3 players available today. If the red speaker turns you off, tough luck, it's the only one available. Hopefully, XM-I will come out with speakers with different colors soon.

Probably the most interesting feature of the X-mini II is the 3.5mm slot on the side that allows you to chain several X-mini IIs together (the website claims an unlimited number). It's a novel idea, but it will do nothing to improve sound quality. This is the fastfood of the music world: cheap, satisfying audio; don't expect a fine aural experience. A single X-Mini II is already enough to fill a large bedroom with music, so it would be interesting to hear how 50 burgers would sound like side by side. Hmm, 50 burgers...

All the improvements, however, present a significant price markup from the older version. So unless you really need the new features, it's better to stick with the older, sub-P1,000 version.

Photos by Elijah Mendoza

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  • The built-in 3.5mm jack is very convenient to use
  • A large leap in price from the old version's
Bottom Line
  • Superb power from a speaker that fits in your pocket
Editor's Pick No
Price P1,599
Tech Specs
  • Speaker Power: 2 watts
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz-20KHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >80db
  • Playback time: Up to 11 hours
  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh
  • Size 60x60x44mm
  • Weight 83g

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